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[audio]Happy New Year! - Anonymous Paulson
happy new year, from the members of anonymous paulson, to each and every one of you!!!
Downloads: 98
[audio]Mike India Whiskey - Anonymous Paulson
A denser version of the anonymous paulson classic. Now with less Mike, and more Whiskey!!! I debated removing the original version, but both versions have their charms.
Downloads: 133
[audio]The Lost Camper Tapes - Anonymous Paulson
This is the first of many installments of anonymous paulson's lost camper tapes - songs that were recorded in a 1966 Prowler 26-foot camper with the help of some borrowed equipment. Here are three of the cleanest-sounding ones. This was before Anonymous Paulson learned that direct sunlight and humidity are not good for tape. Since then, it's been all digital for the group and I. Mind you, the technology got better, but it seems we've pretty much stayed the same.
Downloads: 491 (1 review)
[audio]Dorky Love Song - Anonymous Paulson
Another song that ended up being completely different from my original idea. It's a curse, I tells ya. This is the first time I add singing to the mix, and the results are spectacularly silly. Hope you enjoy. NOTE: PARENTAL ADVISORY: SOME QUESTIONABLE LYRICS Lyrics/music by anonymous paulson Because I loved you so, Because I loved you so, Because you left me broke You f***d me Now all I want you to know Now all I want you to know Now all I want you to do is kiss me Now, today! My heart explodes ...
Downloads: 2,203
[audio]Tick Tock - Anonymous Paulson
I originally wrote this song about 5 years ago, well, actually, the first 45 second of the song you hear, sans the flute and cellos in the background. I simply felt that looping the original 45 second, then adding orchestra, percussion, drums, fuzz guitar, electric guitar and so on to the mix would give it an interesting mix. Still a little sloppy, but I like it.
Downloads: 291
[audio]Just Another Day - Anonymous Paulson
Doodling like a fool with the custard rain filling up the eyes of the passerbys, she wept sugar tears upon a sweet flower growing in the lavish sun. Or something like that. Enjoy the mess.
Downloads: 762
[audio]Metronome Revisted - Anonymous Paulson
Yes, I went there again! It's an updated version of my metronome song from my last album. Or is it? Yes, I'm very well aware that it's very Jon Brionish. I like the guy's music, what can I say? Hope you like it too...
Keywords: music; audio; anonymous; paulson; free; instrumental; fun
Downloads: 234
[audio]Goodbye My Friends - Anonymous Paulson
No, no, I'm not going away, it's just another little ditty I wrote a few years ago on a rainy night in the basement of a dormitory. Not sure what to do with this thing. Might stick it on the album, might keep it as an orphan.
Keywords: piano; music; free; anonymous; paulson; instrumental
Downloads: 400 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Come Into My Arms Tonight - Anonymous Paulson
Sounds like it could be a love song... about a person or a magazine... maybe it's a pet, or maybe it's all about comforting those who you feel need it. Enjoy.
Keywords: music; audio; anonymous; paulson; free; instrumental; love
Downloads: 165
[audio]Falling Without A Net - Anonymous Paulson
I feel with this song, I am coming close to completing my next album. Wrote this for my best friend as a way to compose a song that sounds like it was made the year she was born (1967). Obviously, it sounds a little too crisp for it to sound anything other than digital, but me and the boys were going more for feeling than replication. The inspiration of this song comes from an old 1960s TV commercial (probably 1966-67) for the New York Stock Exchange...
Keywords: music; audio; anonymous; paulson; free; instrumental; fun; kitsch
Downloads: 311
[audio]Metronome - Anonymous Paulson
Curiously, I composed this song without the use of a metronome. Maybe the real reason I called it metronome was I couldn't think of a decent title for it. I knew there was a reason I don't write lyrics to most of my songs now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I know it sounds very Jon Brion-like, but that's only because I really like his soundtrack work. BTW, I included ogg vorbis files because their sound quality, bit per bit, are better than mp3 - so if any of you out there would like to burn this...
Keywords: anonymous,paulson,metronome,music,soundtrack,mellotron
Downloads: 307
[audio]Red-headed Obsession - Anonymous Paulson
I really need to stop drinking and listening to William Shatner at the same time.
Keywords: free; music; anonymous; paulson; pop; redheads; guitar; piano
Downloads: 113
[audio]Hey Stranger... - Anonymous Paulson
Son of Sam, I am. Hey stranger is for both the lonely single woman looking for physical solace and for the obsessive serial killer who stalks her.
Keywords: free; music; anonymous; paulson; rock; stalker; love; songs; police
Downloads: 84
[audio]You Are Everything to Me - Anonymous Paulson
A love song for the masses, a love song for those so impossibly in love that you can't help but breathe it like oxygen
Downloads: 705
[audio]Countdown to Mediocrity - Anonymous Paulson
Me and the boys and girls got into the mescaline one night and decided to record the result of our trip. Enjoy.
Keywords: music; free; anonymous; paulson; instrumental; silly; rock
Downloads: 150
[audio]Song For The Dead(test vocals) - Anonymous Paulson
It's my latest creation, in test mode only. Comments and suggestions are very welcome. Looking for a certain sound, so I need all the help I can get.
Downloads: 250
[audio]JFC I need you NOW!!! - Anonymous Paulson
When you're so horny it hurts and you can't do anything about it, sometimes it feels better when you let it dance a little. Well, that's my theory, anyway.
Keywords: free; music; anonymous; paulson; rock; guitar; latin; instrumental; sex; horny
Downloads: 158
[audio]Song for The Dead (vocal test) - Anonymous Paulson
Here's a preliminary test version of my latest song, Song For the Dead. I'm experimenting with vocals without any discernable meaning, yet can remain evocative. If anyone would like to comment, offer feedback and suggestions, be my guest. This isn't a final product by any stretch of the imagination. Feel free to take whatever you like from the recording though.
Keywords: anonymous; paulson; changes; music; soundtrack; free; instrumental
Downloads: 297
[audio]Boo F***ing Hoo - Anonymous Paulson
Just when you think you couldn't find the perfect retort for that jerk who tries to play the sympathy card. Well, me and the boys and girls came up with a song everyone can sing along to!!!
Downloads: 161
[audio]Dance All Night (to your sex drum) - Anonymous Paulson
Me and the boys decided that some dance music was called for. Since the majority of us are severely undersexed, we decided to come up with the kind of song that could be used for a pick-up line. Needless to say, it didn't work, but we did like the resultant song. We still need to get laid though. Enjoy
Keywords: free; music; anonymous; paulson; pop; rock; guitar; organ; sex; locomotion; drums; saxophone
Downloads: 210
[audio]I love you all - Anonymous Paulson
Another goof of a song a few of the boys and I decided to put together. When will this album ever end???
Downloads: 165
[audio]Everyday is Tuesday - Anonymous Paulson
This started out as an inside joke with my closest sister, but the guys thought it was a pretty good tune. I dunno. Oh well, enjoy. I'd be nice if I could get any kind of feedback for a change, good or bad. Lyrics: Here we go again.. Here comes the pain again. Don't want to get up and face the day if things remain this way I once was a girl who had not a care in the world But like all little girls I hit the brick wall that was Tuesday Time and time again, Like I'm made out of sand People don't u...
Downloads: 154
[audio]Gulfstream Surge - Anonymous Paulson
This is part of a longer song I am currently composing. The intro could stand on its own, but I think, hey, what the hell - maybe someone out there could use it as a moody, instrumental passage in their film or something... I've just noticed, particularly with the bass notes on the piano that it resembles very much Vince Guaraldi's work on his Peanuts scores, of which I am very fond of. Maybe it's true, there's no avoiding making derivative music...
Downloads: 292
[audio]A Fool's March (pour Rummy) - Anonymous Paulson
Just something I cooked up while watching Rumsfeld snowjobbing the press and the public. Imagine yourself on the front lines of the press room as he starts uttering syllable after syllable and you feel like you're melting and climbing the walls at the same time. So I wrote a march, a poor person's march, if a poor person could turn Sousa on his ear and show him what this new world is about. Enjoy folks!!!
Downloads: 914
[audio]Hoohah! - Anonymous Paulson
free music!!! public domain, creative commons for the masses!!! original composition too!!! Mostly because I don't think anyone would be willing to pay for this music anyway. Heh heh heh. Well I hope you folks like it. Why is this called Hoohah? I have no idea. Maybe it's because I don't have a real title for this song. You'd think, heh. Mind you, I've discovered that a lot of the instrumentals I write start off with one goal, and end up being about something else...
Downloads: 443
[audio]Huh? (album) - Anonymous Paulson
This is my album of non-related songs, put together, so that people who will listen to it will scratch their heads and wonder... huh? Thank you for allowing me to share this music with everyone. If you search for any of these songs through, you will find their descriptions. In each individual description, there is an ogg vorbis version that is of considerably higher quality (you can play them in winamp without a hitch) I strongly suggest you use those for either your proj...
Keywords: music; audio; anonymous; paulson; free; instrumental; fun
Downloads: 570
[audio]Oh No, Not Again - Anonymous Paulson
This is my attempt at evoking a sort of easy-listening lounge pop song you might find on mid-60s film. It's short because I figured I got the point across right away, and I don't like dragging out unecessary musical motifs. I think I pulled this one off rather well, almost fooled myself. Don't know if there is anyone out there who would take to this song, but hey, sometimes, these things write themselves and take me along for the ride...
Downloads: 410
[audio]Silver-Haired Sarah - Anonymous Paulson
I've always been a big fan of ambiguous, indirect lyrics, particularly when it pertains to sometimes unsavoury topics. Of course, one must have skill to pull it off, and being a novice at writing lyrics for a song, I honestly don't know if I've pulled it off. I was looking to be a little evasive in which point of view I was conveying in this song, but I will cop that this is a sympathetic paeon to Sarah, a beautiful, experienced older woman...
Keywords: sarah; music; free; anonymous; paulson; rock; sad; feminism; woman; sex
Downloads: 289
[audio]Love Comes to Joe - Anonymous Paulson
A love song for a good friend of mine, who recently found someone who loves him for everything, the good and the bad. He's a sweet guy, so I wrote him this song. lyrics: Grey clouds gathering almost everyday They shower constantly on these Indiana Plains. Backed up city on the interstate Plastic Jesus bobbing his head in the rain I've been waiting for way too long I'd given up, I was moving on But when I saw you by the mezzanine I knew then you would happen to me...
Keywords: music; free; anonymous; paulson; pop; happy; brass; quirky; tuneful; soundtrack
Downloads: 87
[audio]No More Changes Going On - Anonymous Paulson
Something I composed in 3 hours flat. Didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, since I wanted the choir to sing less in key (there's just something that either pulls one's ears to correct the pitch or each and every voice ends up masking the other. Also, it might have helped to have had more falsetto voices. Oh well. I like the chord progression. It is a work in progress, with a little fine-tuning and whatnot, this might be a good song...
Keywords: anonymous; paulson; changes; music; soundtrack; free; instrumental
Downloads: 251
[audio]Scraps - Anonymous Paulson
Something I cooked up using some new software. The boys are a little peed at me, because only one of them played on this track, the others were too busy getting high. Ah well, you snooze, you lose. I keep saying I'm going to finally release this album, but I keep putting it off. Good thing we're not doing this for a living or we would have been fired a long time ago.
Keywords: music; audio; anonymous; paulson; free; instrumental; wistful; organ; guitar; rock; pop
Downloads: 145
[audio]Metronome - Anonymous Paulson
Just a simple little waltz, which, ironically, never used a metronome during its composition. Yes, I admit, it sounds very Jon Brionesque (I'm a big fan) and it resolves itself a little strangely, but I like it like that. I hope you will too. Note: The ogg vorbis versions are deliberately less compressed than the mp3s simply because they have considerably better sound quality (nearly indistinguishable from the master recording) If you need a HQ version for your own projects, I strongly suggest d...
Downloads: 676
[audio]Mike, India, Whiskey - Anonymous Paulson
Taken from various sources on the net and on the shortwave radio, with plenty of it coming from this very site, this is an audio collage of transmissions from spies from all over the world transmitting in secret code, declassified and probably from many years ago. As an aside, the NIST atomic clock on shortwave radio freaks me out as a matter of course, because I've always imagined that in the event of a worldwide nuclear war, that station would keep on functioning, but there would be no one lef...
Downloads: 202
[audio]Rest Stop - Anonymous Paulson
Looks like I am at it again folks! This time, a little more discipline is involved in creating this music. Hopefully you will all like it, but even if you don't, that's all right as well. I like this tune, but then again, I'm pretty easy to please. Feel free to comment. This will be included on a new album later this fall.
Keywords: music; audio; anonymous; paulson; free; instrumental; fun
Downloads: 217
[audio]Chipper - Anonymous Paulson
Something to cheer you up when you're feeling down and out. One of the girls wrote this on the back of a napkin and promptly lost it. A kind old man, looking for used underwear found it, recognized the handwriting from other trash she obviously had thrown out, and gave it to her, in exchange for a lock of her hair. He got a restraining order instead. Nice guy, though.
Keywords: music; free; anonymous; paulson; instrumental; pop; happy; brass; quirky; tuneful; soundtrack
Downloads: 79
[audio]Echo Chamber - Anonymous Paulson
This is the culmination of many nights of inspire-free binges. Sorry for the mess, folks.
Keywords: free; music; anonymous; paulson; pop; silly; rock; spoken; word; wierd; stupid; absurd
Downloads: 57
[audio]Julie - Anonymous Paulson
For a friend who recently passed away, taken way too soon. You will be missed.
Keywords: free; music; anonymous; paulson; Julie; sad
Downloads: 122
[audio]A Nation of Dust - Anonymous Paulson
An allegory about an alcoholic jerk ruining your life? Think bigger! Baby, What have you done to my happy home? The things you've driven me and my own to do throwin' shadows on our souls. Baby, While you're out fixing scores, tell me, Where's all the money gone? And come now sweet baby, don't you be telling me lies will you help us weather the coming storm? 'Cause while you dance in the ballroom, We walk in the snow to the bus, and when, you wink and grin to mothers and fathers while their young...
Downloads: 114
[audio]The Ballad of Eid the Kid - Anonymous Paulson
This song is dedicated to a friend, who decided to enlist in the American Armed forces. At the time, I had a hard time reconciling why such an intelligent, compassionate, open-minded person like him would possibly want to enlist, at his age (he's pushing 40). I guess he wants to serve his country. All I wish is that he doesn't get himself killed or put in harm's way in any way. Well, you can tell there is a bit of a Ennio Morricone influence to the progression and the emotionalism - that was del...
Downloads: 340
[audio]An Introduction to Sex - Anonymous Paulson
For those of you concerned with the title, fear not, it is not laden with, shall we say, colourful terms, but it alludes to a gentle introduction to the pleasure of sex. There are no lyrics, save for one line, and it's hardly anything specific. I can't pinpoint what inspired me enough to compose this song, maybe it's 1970s porno music, maybe it's all the groove music I've been listening to lately, one thing is for certain, I had sex on the brain when I composed it...
Keywords: sex; music; free; anonymous; paulson
Downloads: 780 (1 review)
[audio]Falling Up - Anonymous Paulson
Falling up, a song about failing on your feet. Well, not really. Again, why do I choose these names, I dunno. Not sure where the inspiration came from in this one. It sounds triumphant at one point into the song, then resigned and beaten. Who knows? I think my brain was shut off, and I composed it with my spine. I like it enough to share it with the world, in the hopes someone will like it almost as much as I have.
Downloads: 325
[audio]Drifting - Anonymous Paulson
Something I composed whilst sick with the flu in the past two weeks. This is a bit of headphone music with a little help from Quiet American sounds. Sounds best on decent headphones (highly recommended especially since there's a lot of binaural sounds) Don't know if there's going to be a lot of phasal problems with people's typical speaker setups, not everything in the piece is binaural. Anyway, hope you enjoy it...
Downloads: 296
[audio]Happy - Anonymous Paulson
Another waltz song, but this time, I was looking to make something stuck out of time - not necessarily similar to any one type of music. I'm a little ambivalent about this song, not entirely satisfied, so perhaps some feedback would be nice :) Please note the ogg vorbis version is of the highest quality available as it is nearly indistinguishable from the original. If you find any use for this recording and would prefer the best quality, I suggest the ogg file...
Downloads: 846
[audio]A fuzzy blue - Anonymous Paulson
Something about the electric piano riff I've had in my head for a long time, wanted to do something with it. I figured it would be another fine reason for some cheap orchestration. I like this one, except for the guitar solo. I'm not a very good guitarist, and it needs just that right touch. So if anyone out there would like to contribute a nice soft blues solo, let me know by leaving a comment.
Downloads: 432 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Shuffle in D Minor - Anonymous Paulson
A little jazz romp, with a simple enough progression. Did this song in about 2 hours. Love the feel of it, and I wanted the instrumentation to be a little different. I like the mix, and it was a challenge to play all the parts and to get the right syncopation, especially with the percussion. Still some timing errors and some of the stuff is slightly out of sync, but again, this is me playing all of the instruments without a sequencer to quantitize the notes...
Downloads: 361
[audio]A Fuzzy Blue (the better mix)
Here is a revised version of A Fuzzy Blue. This is more likely the final version until I compile the album, but there might be some more mixing. Hell, I'm still remixing songs from Huh?, so who knows? Enjoy.
Downloads: 278
[audio]the JoePez hoedown!!!
it's a hoedown for a buddy of mine. Just a little ditty that has nothing to do with anything, but a happy, simple melody. It's not supposed to be good, actually kinda works if it's annoying a little. Gets into your craw and it won't let go.
Downloads: 102
[audio]Cold Hearted - Anonymous Paulson
A song the band didn't want to record, because we had originally made a rule, no love songs, no breakup songs, or songs about romance gone wrong. Since we record in my basement, I told them they could all walk if they didn't like it. Needless to say, here's the song. Enjoy.
Keywords: free; music; anonymous; paulson; rock; guitar; cold; hearted
Downloads: 232
[audio]Valhalla (a love story gone wrong) - Anonymous Paulson
Stalkers never get any glory. Our drummer had a riff going, and I was on the acoustic bass, and I guess I was reading John Hinckley's story at the time, and one thing led to another... plus there was that incident last year with that sumptuous woman I'm not supposed to be talking about. Um. Here's the song.
Keywords: free; music; anonymous; paulson; jazz; stalker; love; songs; police
Downloads: 40
[audio]Nancy - Anonymous Paulson
A song for a woman I once loved more than love itself. I had been toying around with this little ditty for a long time, pretty shapeless and meandering. At first, I tried it in two different beats - 2/2 time, then 3/4 time for the minor shift near the end. At first I thought it was cool, but eventually, I began to realize how it destroyed the wistful mood I was trying to convey. It made it sound too much like carousel music...
Downloads: 509 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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